University students bring a moment of magic to hospitalized children

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Shara Moskowitz’s daughter, Avery, was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma in 2013. On Avery’s 6th birthday, she was visited by a group of very special princesses, who her mother said allowed her to forget about her illness and just focus on being a kid that day.

Among the princesses, all university students, are Kylee McGrane and Maggie McAndrew from the Bronx, New York. Together, the two started A Moment of Magic (AMOM), themselves and other volunteers dressing up as movie characters to visit sick children at hospital wards, fundraisers, and in Avery’s case, their homes.

“We’ve never said no to a visit, so any time a parent or a patient or a hospital reaches out to us, we do whatever we can to make it happen,” said McGrane.

AMOM began when McGrane and McAndrew, watching the movie Frozen, were hit with the realization that the two resemble the main characters, Elsa and Anna. Inspired by their passion of helping people, they came up with the idea of bringing a little bit of hope to children who, diagnosed with severe illnesses, find it hard to be the happy and carefree kids they should be.

he pair have recruited over 40 students within their college to be volunteers, providing around five visits per week in the New York area. But they aren’t stopping here; they’re working to set up chapters of AMOM at universities across America so more children can experience these special visits.

"For me, making these lasting connections with kids and their families is super important," McAndrew told TODAY Parents. "We get to make this really awesome, personal memory with the kids, and then, in a lot of cases, the parents keep us updated and we get to keep up with the kids on their journeys."

Image via A Moment of Magic Facebook page