One 12-year old, 400 teddy bears, and a million hearts to explode from warm and fuzzies.

- Photo Credit: Project 365 Campbell

12-year-old Campbell is no ordinary kid. When he was nine, he asked Mom and Dad if he could buy Christmas presents for all the children in a hospital, and they told him it would cost too much – so he taught himself how to make teddy bears and gave them all away.

“I have set myself to have 365 gifts made by me to take to hospitals, charities and distribution points by next Christmas to give to children at Christmas time. I will make more than this if I can and take them to places for kids birthday presents if they are in hospital for their birthdays,” writes Campbell on his Facebook page.

Since then, the Australian boy has made over 400 teddies for children in need. Besides his goal of making 365 teddy bears a year, Campbell also makes special bears for fundraising auctions and takes custom requests. His bears have helped raise money for victims of domestic violence, comforted sick children on ambulances and inspired hundreds with his kindness.

Campbell’s Facebook page is filled with comments of people thanking him for his generosity and encouraging them to take up craft projects as a way to give back to the community.

In the words of Julia, who left a nice comment on Campbell’s website after his hospitalized son received one of Campbell’s bears, we hope everyone can take a piece of Campbell’s message and pay it forward.