Play Your Way to World Change

-Photo Credit: Rise Up Kickstarter Page

"Build your movement. Beat the system. A board game about people winning together—even when the cards are stacked against us.

"Rise Up", a board game created by the creators of Co-opoly: The Game of Cooperatives, is raising funds on Kickstarter. This game is winning the hearts of not only existing NGOs and activists, but the everyday geek simply allured by the idea of a beautifully-crafted game where you get to face the challenge of working against the odds. By the sheer numbers of supporters less than two months into the campaign, one can say for sure that a fair share of people do like a challenge.

"In each game of Rise Up, players take creative actions to fight for victory. Everyone wins or loses together. The game weaves a story about your movement, which can either be based in reality (like stopping an oil pipeline) or fictional (like fighting for dragon rights). But “the System” is hard at work too, manoeuvring to crush your movement through tactics like setting up surveillance, making arrests, or causing infighting.”

So, who’s up for a game? Support this kickstarter campaign here to get this to you activists-in-training!