Wonder Woman

Cheers to another milestone for gender equality! Congratulations to the launch of Paradigm for Parity - an organization that is committed to make progress on gender equality in the business world by 2030. This organization involves well-known businesses like Bank of America, LinkedIn, The Coca-Cola Company, McKinsey & Company and the Huffington Post!

This is not just an organization that voices support for gender equality, but a 5-Point Action Plan has actually been drafted. This Action Plan consolidates the aim of this organization - for women to be evaluated fairly in a business. To boost more concrete actions, the organization also produced a toolkit for businesses’ reference.

"Inclusion and diversity are essential for success and relevance in today's world, and I am driven by the belief that diversity makes organizations stronger, smarter and more innovative," said Pierre Nanterme, chairman and CEO of Accenture.

These business leaders believe full potential of a corporation can only be enhanced through diversifying their pool of talents. Anyone, regardless of sex, should stand a chance to show their talent. Dream big, girls the world is better off with you.