Modest Needs [Charity Shout-out!]

Having to deal with unemployment, pay off medical bills from an injured back and take care of her sick mother all seemed to come at once for Sherry, who was fighting hard to stay on her feet as it was.


Little payments here and there only made things worse, but the help she got from Modest Needs, an organization that offers small grants to those who are struggling financially, made a world of difference.

“It took a load off me,” said Sherry.


Founded in 2002, organization encourages those who are having trouble with a specific payment – whether it’s this month’s rent or a sudden medical bill – to apply for short-term financial assistance. These individuals live just above the poverty line and are therefore ineligible for conventional social assistance, so launching an application to Modest Needs is one way for them to get the help they need.


Modest Needs understands that crises can happen to anyone at anytime. The idea is that this type of financial assistance, though small, can prevent at-risk individuals from falling into poverty. Those who are helped and who are able to financially secure themselves sometime down the road are encouraged to donate, funding a cycle of giving.

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