Trees, not fees: School in India encourages parents to plant tree saplings instead of paying tuition

A primary school in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh is making education more inclusive while raising awareness for environmental concern: it’s asking parents not to pay tuition, but to plant trees instead. For more on #TreesNotFees check out our blog, 


The initiative was set up by local professionals and business owners in response to the rising unaffordability of education. Little of the Indian government’s budget is allocated to education, leaving parents responsible for forking out high fees. As a result, many children cannot afford to go to school, and the consequences are evident: an education report in 2014 found that nearly 20% of children in grade two cannot recognize the numbers between one and nine.


While not a means to an end, this school’s initiative is opening its classroom doors to children who otherwise would not have access to education, therefore giving them a chance at a brighter future and raising the country’s literacy rate.


So far, the school has received an overwhelming response, and 700 saplings have been planted across the village over the last year.


At the same time, parents being encouraged to plant trees is also educating the next generation on the importance of environmental care. This is especially needed in India, where air pollution is becoming a worsening problem.


It is hoped that this school’s initiative will inspire others to follow suit to promote heightened accessibility of education for all and awareness of the country’s environmental issues.

Slip on some...water bottles, and look awesome.


Two entrepreneurs have now developed the technology to turn water bottles into comfortable and fashionable flats. Made with PET (polyethylene terephthalate), the most widely recycled plastic in the world, even the afterlives of these flats are made recyclable!

We only have one world. 

Here at Givo, we believe it is more than important for us to preserve our world together, as a collective global community. Thanks to science and technology and these passionate souls, we'd like to think that we're making progress in that direction. 

The movement #breakfreefromplastic aims to work with people from all around the world for the common vision of environmental justice, giving the environment space to breathe from toxic pollution produced by plastic wastes. Sign up to be part of it here, http://breakfreefromplastic.org/.

But you can also take actions starting from today, simply recycle your waste can do wonders to our planet - wearing these shoes while doing so won't hurt either ;)

Photo credits to Rothy’s flats (handle: @rothys)

Modern Samurai look awesome...and tidy up the streets of Tokyo.

Modern day samurai roam the streets Hokkaido and Tokyo, sporting not swords but rather, tongs. Yes, the kind you use at barbecues and kitchens. For what, you might reasonably ask? To pick up garbage and have a swell time doing so with amused (or   truthfully impressed) onlookers.

They’re called Isse Ichidai Jidaigumi. Originating from Hokkaido, this group of everyday heroes don’t only beautify the city but sing, dance, and do sword shows when they’re not tidying up. Bad-ass good citizens - may the world be filled with more people like you. 

Curious to find out more or watch them in action? Check out their page: http://bit.ly/2gyrTMu

Video credits to Voice of America : VOA