We had the pleasure of hosting a passionate crowd of individuals in the Hong Kong charitable and philanthropic sector with a total of around 100 attendees who braved the black rain to make it to us. 

During the evening, our team not only had the chance to share about Givo, but more importantly, we had the chance to host a panel on "Challenges and Trends in the Hong Kong Charitable Sector" with our incredible panelists Peter Kwok from the HKCSS, Robin Hwang of Foodlink, and Wei Wei from the UBS Optimus Foundation. 

At the end of the panel, they left our audience with lots of food for thought and topics to continue during the mingling session - especially on the upcoming opportunities and challenges presented to charities by the proliferation of technology and social media. 

Thanks to our sponsors UBS and Royal Catering, we had the chance to not only share about Givo, hear from our esteemed panelists, but also enjoy each other's company in a great atmosphere with delicious food. 

For those of you who could not make it - we missed you and are sorry we didn't get to meet in person! We hope that we'll get to do so in the future. Before that feel free to drop us a message to be in touch and hear more about joining Givo's community! 

“The magnitude of social problems requires innovative and scaleable solutions. Platforms like Givo help the non profit sector leverage social media and technology to an optimum level and reach the widest possible groups in order to maximise impact”
— Naina Subberwal Batra, CEO of the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network