Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Givo?

A:  Givo is your go-to platform for all-things charity. Meaning, we are the only mobile app you need to stay informed with the causes you care about and the charities you support. You can create a personalised newsfeed of your favourite causes and charities, securely donate to charities, and share this news with your friends, family and followers. At Givo, we believe that doing good can be a virtuous cycle, where the stories you read and share will inspire you and your friends to collectively create greater social impact.

Q: Do donors need to pay to use Givo?

A: Givo is completely free to use! Caring about your community shouldn’t cost a penny, and we strongly believe that your hard-earned donation should go to where it’s needed the most.


Q: Do charities need to pay to use your platform?

A: Our platform is completely free-of-charge for all of Givo’s partnered charities, foundations and social enterprises. We want to maximise the percentage of our charities’ funds that go on to deliver social impact.


Q: How did Givo all start?

A: Givo was co-founded in September 2015 by two high school friends who have the same passion for making a difference to the world. They reunited after completing university, and decided to create a tech-driven platform that empowered other charitable organisations. But of course, Givo is what it is today only because of the wonderful charities, foundations, and partners whom we proudly call part of our community. 


Q: How much transaction fee do you charge per donation?

A: We charge a grand total of 0% of your donation – that’s right, we take nothing at all! This compares to the 5% standard market rate that other fundraising platforms charge. Givo is currently partnered with Stripe which charges the following discounted rates for charity donations via Givo.

The rates are based on the country the charity is based in.

Singapore Charities:

  • Singaporean Visa/Mastercard Cards: 2.9% + S$0.50
  • International Visa/Mastercards and all American Express cards: 3.4% + S$0.50

Hong Kong Charities:

  • Hong Kong Visa/Mastercard Cards: 2.9% + HK$2.35
  • International Visa/Mastercards and all American Express cards: 3.4% + HK$2.35

US Charities:

  • Singaporean Visa/Mastercard Cards: 2.2% + USD 0.30
  • All American Express cards: 3.5%


Q: What about transaction fees? How much does Givo's partner Stripe, charge per donation? 

A: Stripe is our top choice of payment portal because of their strong cyber-security, direct routing abilities, and financial due diligence on our listed charities. They also provide incredible rates and are willing to partner with us in reducing rates for charities on a case by case basis. Even without reduced rates they will charge a maximum of their 3.4% plus HKD$2.35 per successful card charge. Many charities have a discounted or waived donation processing fee. For more details, please visit


Q: If you don’t charge any fees, how do you sustain financially?

A: Believe it or not, every time you use our app, you are supporting us financially without paying a penny! When you scroll through your newsfeed, we may occasionally roll out sponsored ads (like Facebook) so we can pay our bills. So go on, invite your friends and help build our giving community!


Q: Why should we donate through Givo instead of charities’ websites or other fundraising platforms?

A: Apart from the fact that we charge one of the lowest rates in the world, Givo isn’t just any other fundraising platform. We’re the only place where you, the user, can 1) stay up-to-date on the latest news based on causes that interest 2) allow you to share your favourite stories and your donation activity to your friends, family and followers. (Who knows, this might just inspire them to care and give too) and 3) track all this activity with ease in one place. Not to mention, we allow for charities to better understand what stories speak most to their audience by providing them a management and data portal. Meaning, when you use this platform and encourage your friends to, you help charities to achieve greater data-driven social impact too. 

Q: Is Givo a non-profit organization?

A: Givo is a mission-driven, for-profit social enterprise. We believe in a working model where giving doesn’t mean sacrifices. In order to scale and reach more charities and donors, we decided to adopt a tech business model that allows us to sustain ourselves and grow.


Q: Why did you start Givo?

A: We’ve always wanted to make a difference to the world but we were very frustrated by the lack of tech and social media support to charities and social enterprises. Social media has been heavily under-utilised for one of the most deserving sectors of all. Instead of running an NGO we believe that the greatest impact our team can make is to build and empower the social media and tech capacities of other charitable organisations, so that their social impact can be amplified. 


Q: How do you verify your charities?

A: Charities that wish to receive donations would have gone through a PayPal financial check that lasts for around a month. PayPal ‘audits’ their finances to check that they are legitimate. Of course, as an open platform, it is almost impossible for Givo to vet thousands of charities, foundations, social enterprises and beneficiaries. We are, however, working hard to build a strong verification team or form partnerships with non-profit consultants with due diligence expertise.


Q: Are you integrated with other social media platforms?

A: Yes - If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can create a Givo account within seconds. Your activities on Givo – such as liking, sharing and donating – will be shown on your integrated social media accounts too. If you’re a charity, your accounts can be integrated to your other social media accounts too. For example, when you post a photo using Givo, it will also be posted on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you’re a charity, your accounts can be integrated to your other social media accounts too. For example, when you post a photo using Givo, it can also easily be shared on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Q: How do I get started?   

A: Once we’ve launched and you have downloaded the app, you will be invited to create an account – or sign up by using your Facebook or Twitter account. If you wish to donate now or in the future, you can save your credit card or PayPal account details once. These details will be securely saved and used every time you wish to donate.

Q: How can I donate through the app?

A: Donating is as easy as 1-2-3! First, tap on the charity’s name or search for it on the search tab. Secondly, scroll down to see donation options – frequency and amount. Lastly, select your desired payment method… and voila! Your donation has been sent direct to the charity!


Q: What is Givo’s mission/manifesto?

A: Our mission is to use social media to maximise the fundraising efforts of charities, thereby maximising donations raised in the long term. We want to build the social media and tech capacities so that their resources and funds go to where it’s needed the most.


Q: What is Givo’s vision?

A: We envision a world where caring about the world and helping others is a seamless part of our daily lives. We envision a global community that uses technology to stay informed, engaged and connected.


Q: Who’s the Team at Givo?

A: Givo’s Management Team consists of co-founders Alvin and Adrian, joined soon-after by Jodie. The team is partnered with Queen Consulting Group, who handles Givo’s app development and digital marketing. Givo now also works with a Board of Advisors who has a combined 100+ years of expertise in philanthropy, banking, social entrepreneurship and global business growth.